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Multiple Products Option for Disrupt HTML Theme

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    Is this theme (Disrupt Html Single product) capable of handling multiple products when the time comes and our company starts to sell more than one product?

    If not, can we exchange this theme for another theme that does support the integration of multiple products?

    Thank you,


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    Hello Gustavo!

    There are many things that will define how the site will handle multiple products and customer that will be using the site build on Disrupt HTML.
    Creating this template we try to make it as light and fast as possible still ading to it many features and functionalities like Paypal plugins that will allow to pay for the products via paypal and shop locator that will allow you to show all your shops.

    Depending on many things like number of products you want to use, how heavy the images will be and how well the server you are going to use will handle many user at the same time, the speed of the site may change.

    Best regards,

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