Create Page with Multiple Listing

To create a page with Multiple Listing the same as the sample above, follow steps:

  • Step 1 – Create new page by navigating to Pages > Add New.


  • Step 2 – Create row then change Custom Layout of the row to 1/2 + 1/2.


  • Step 3 – In the left side row, add a Properties Search element.


  • Step 4 – In the same row, add a Properties Listing element.  The Properties listing Settings will pop-up.


  • Step 5 – In the Properties listing Settings, set the Type listing view to List and add a Title for the list, then click Save changes button to save.


  • Step 6 – Now on the right side row, add a Properties map element. The Properties map Settings will pop-up.


  • Step 7 – In the Properties map Settings, you can change the details inside the settings. In the Icon tab you have the option to change the icon for the Map marker.


  • Step 8 – Once steps are done, click Publish to save the page.