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When using the assigned blog page as described in Blog Index page, all the options are located in Appearance > Customize on the Posts tab. There are dozens of options to choose from such as layout, categories, dates, etc. There are general blog options and single post page options. Each one has title and descriptions to help you understand what they do. Any type of blog options you need to set will be set here in theme options when using the assigned blog page.


  • Blog title – it will be displayed as title of your index page,
  • Show index as – select the way of displaying posts on index,
  • Show posts index page title – hide/show blog title,
  • Post detail button label – define custom label for button Read More,
  • Date – show/hide posts date
  • Image / video / gallery – show/hide image, video or gallery assigned to post (if you select Hide – we will display only text on blog index page),
  • Title / quote author – show/hide posts author,
  • Text Option – display full posts text, post excerpt or no intro text in posts list,
  • Show read more button – show/hide button Read More
  • Sidebar – show/hide sidebar on blog index page,
  • Tags – show/hide posts tags,
  • Categories – show/hide posts categories,
  • Pagination notice – it will display pagination in the following format: Page 1 OF 7 – you can adjust labels with the following code instead:  Custom-text %current% custom-text %total% – it’s useful if you want to translate your content

SINGLE POST OPTIONS – select how should look like single post page:

  • Post page title – it will be displayed as title of your single post page,
  • Show posts index page title – hide/show blog title,
  • Date – show/hide posts date
  • Image / video / gallery – show/hide image, video or gallery assigned to post (if you select Hide – it will display only text on post page),
  • Title / quote author – show/hide post author,
  • Content – show/hide post content (text),
  • Author link – show/hide link to post author,
  • Comments – show/hide comments,
  • Comment form – show/hide comment form (select Hide if you don’t want comments below you post),
  • Comments tag – show/hide comments tag, 
  • Sidebar – show/hide – show/hide sidebar, 
  • Tag cloud – show/hide tags,
  • Categories – show/hide categories, 
  • Show socials box – show/hide socials, 
  • Share button label – define custom label for Share Button,
  • Show author box – show/hide box with author information. 
  • Pagination – show/hide pagination, 
  • Previous post label – define custom label for Previous post button,
  • Next post label – define custom label for Next post button,
  • By label – define custom label for  BY tag,
Posts options

Posts options

Common issue: How to change post intro text?

Intro text, which can be displayed on Blog index page is an Excerpt. You can edit it manually for every post with the following field:



Notice: if you don’t see Excerpt field when you are editing your post, go to Screen Options at the top of the post edition window (on the right hand side) and enable Excerpt with checkbox.