All javascripts are placed in folder /js. In main.js file we implement all functions calls.
This theme uses following Javascript files:

  • Bootstrap v 3 framework (powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development),
  • jQuery v1.10.2 (A fast javascript library that Foodtruckifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations.),
  • colorselector.js –  (color ring picker),
  • jquery.frogaloop.min.js, jquery.stellar.min.js – ct-mediaSection – (paralax, videos),
  • jquery.elevatezoom.js – elevate-zoom (zoom effects on images),
  • gmap3.min.js –  (google maps, contact page),
  • jquery.magnific-popup.min – (images popup),
  • jquery.nouislider.all.js – nouislider/ (range slider in single product),
  • imagesloaded.js, jquery.isotope.min.jsportoflio/init.js – (isotope),
  • select2/init.js, select2.min.js – (styling select boxes with jquery),
  • spinner/init.js (styled input quantity element where we can put any value, my cart page),
  • stacktable/init.js, stacktable.js – (table which change the whole content to responsive table on the mobile),
  • device.min.js,
  • jquery.appear.js,
  • jquery.browser.min.js,
  • jquery.easing.1.3.js,
  • jquery.placeholder.min.js,
  • modernizr.custom.js,
  • snap.min.js (mobile swaping),
  • plugins/headroom/init.js, headroom.js, jQuery.headroom.js (menu and topbar effects),
  • owl.carousel.min.js (owl slider),
  • init.js

Google Map (GMAP3 Plugin)

This is google map with custom marker, you can define couple parameters:

  • data-location – address to show
  • data-height – map height (if undefined height will be 220px)
  • data-offset – by how many map should be repositioned from marker center point (default -30)

It uses gmap3 plugin.
Documentation: here
HTML Markup:

All javascript code can be found in js/main.js file.


This plugin call function when element appear in viewport. This is used in custom animation, progress bars, counter timer.