Custom Pages

If you want to make a custom pages, please follow this tutorial:

1. Please stay to your custom theme menu, and scroll down until very bottom of the menu. You should see the Add a page menu.


2. Enter the details you need for your new page. In our theme we have a following list of custom pages:

– page-blank

– maintenance-page

– our-office

– contact-us

– about-us

– services

– media-sections

3. If you want to have a following list of custom pages like above, just follow instructions. Here is an example how to add a page-blank to the our theme:


4. The content of the custom page is from page blank file. You will find this file in /OrlandoThumblrTheme/lightfolder or in /OrlandoThumblrTheme/dark folder. It’s depend of the user. If ther user want to have light version so please choose light, if not please choose different.

5. After that, click Update Preview and Click Save buton


6. Finally, the Custom Page will be displayed when you go to the menu and select Pages -> Page Blank. To add next custom pages you have to do the same like with Page Blank.