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Theme Installation

1. Open index.html in /ExicoTumblrTheme/ folder with your text editor (Example: Notepad++, Sublime Text, Php Storm or Etc)

2. Copy all HTML content from index.html file



3. Open your browser and go to the http://tumblr.com page. If you are registered please login into your Tumblr Dashboard

4. Please click on the Gear Icon at right top of the site


5. Click on the Edit HTML button, like this:


6. Next, paste the HTML code into Tumblr theme editor like below:


7. Finally, please click to the Update Preview button and save




Mobile View

1. Our theme has default mobile layout. We have own mobile design, so you have to disable standard mobile layout. To do this, please click Advanced Options in the bottom of the side.

2. Click or disable use optimized mobile layout. To do this you have to disable option Use default mobile theme

Mobile view settings

Mobile view settings

3. Finally, please click Save button. Now you have your own mobile layout.

Exico – Theme Options

1. After installing the theme you will be able to define and change number of settings. At the beginning you can setup general theme options, like:

  • Header image – you can setup here custom image displayed in header background.
  • Logo image – setup your logo image here.
  • Logo – show or hide the logo from the header
  • Copyright – Copyright text for prefooter section, can be displayed on hidden.


General settings

2. Appearance Options

  • Title – define your website Title, by default it’s setup to Blog
  • Description – define custom website description.
  • Avatar – add an image with your avatar.
  • Show avatar – hide/show your avatar,
  • Show title – show/hide blog title in page header


3. Theme Options – you can define also more detailed settings, like the following:



theme options 2

theme options 3

Change blog displaying options to Masonry type:

general_3 general_4

4. Socials

You can define your social media services address by adding proper URLs. If you would like to display Flickr images – just define here link to your gallery of images.

5. Footer

  • 1. – enable/disable footer,
  • 2. , 3. , 4. , 5. –  enable/disable columns titles,
  • 6. – enable/disable Flicker images,
  • 7. , 8. , 9. , 10. – enable/disable social media icons.


Footer settings

Footer settings


  • 1. , 3. , 4. , 5. – define custom header names,
  • 2. – add your custom text content,
  • 6. – define url to your Flickr gallery,
  • 7. , 8. , 9. , 10. – define urls to social media services,
Footer settings -part 2

Footer settings -part 2

6. Prefooter

  • 1. – enable/disable Copyright text.
  • 2. – enable/disable prefooter.
  • 3. , 4. , 5. , 6. , 7. , 8. – enable/disable menu options


  • 1. Edit Copyright text.
  • 2. ,4. ,6. ,8. ,10. ,12. – edit menu options names
  • 1. , 3. , 5. , 7. , 9. , 11., 13. – add url to each menu options


Define your address:



Custom Pages

If you want to make a custom pages, please follow this tutorial:

1. Please stay to your custom theme menu, and scroll down until very bottom of the menu. You should see the Add a page menu.


2. Enter the details you need for your new page. In our theme we have a following list of custom pages:

– contact-us

– about-us

– services

3. If you want to have a following list of custom pages like above, just follow instructions. Here is an example how to add a page-blank to the our theme:


4. The content of the custom page is from page blank file. You will find this file in /ExicoTumblrTheme/folder or in /ExicoTumblrTheme/ folder. It’s depend of the user. If ther user want to have light version so please choose light, if not please choose different.

5. After that, click Update Preview and Click Save buton


6. Finally, the Custom Page will be displayed when you go to the menu and select Pages -> Page Blank. To add next custom pages you have to do the same like with Page Blank.

Javascript and CSS

USED CSS stylesheets:

  • style.css – main Exico theme stylesheet,
  • bootstrap.min.css – bootstrap styles.

If you would like to use FontAwesome for icons – you need to attach it separately with the following code:

Main style – make sure it’s included in head section when you clicking on Edit HTML


Used Javascripts:

  • main.js – main javascript file,
  • bootstrap.min.js – responsible for website responsiveness,
  • device.min.js – required for mobile menu,
  • jquery.browser.min.js – support for old IE browsers,
  • snap.min.js – required for mobile menu
  • jquery.appear.js – required for animations,
  • init_mediasection.js – responsible for parallax effect,
  • jquery.stellar.min.js – responsible for parallax effect,
  • jquery.magnific-popup.min.js – used for magnific lightbox,
  • init_magnific.js –  used for magnific lightbox,
  • jquery.isotope.min.js – required for masonry effect,
  • imagesloaded.js – required for masonry effect,
  • infinitescroll.min.js – required for masonry effect,
  • init.js – required for masonry effect,

Required script – make sure that this code is always included after last attached script:



Contact form

The contact form was made using on-line contact form builder. The documentation is here:

Disqus for tumblr – comments for each posts are displayed with:


Sources & Credits

The following sources and files have been used to build up this theme

Twitter Bootstrap http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

jQuery – http://www.jquery.com

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