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Jugas Tumblr

Theme Installation

1. Open index.html in {Theme Path} folder with your text editor (Example: Notepad++, Sublime Text, Php Storm or Etc)

2. Copy all HTML content from index.html file



3. Open your browser and go to the http://tumblr.com page. If you are registered please login into your Tumblr Dashboard

4. Please click on the Gear Icon at right top of the site


5. Click on the Edit HTML button, like this:


6. Next, paste the HTML code into Tumblr theme editor like below:


7. Finally, please click to the Update Preview button and save




Mobile View

Theme has default mobile layout. In our project we have own mobile design, so now you need to disable standard mobile layout. To do this, please click Advanced Options in the bottom of the side like below:


2. Click or disable use optimized mobile layout like below:

83. Finally, please click Save button. Now you have ou own mobile layout.


Sources & Credits

The following sources and files have been used to build up this theme

Twitter Bootstrap http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

jQuery – http://www.jquery.com

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