How to add multiple images to portfolio item gallery?

Our themes come with a few portfolio types. Almost every theme have following portfolio types included:

  • Featured image – standard portfolio item type with big image in the main item part and optional description
  • Video – instead of images main portfolio part is a video
  • Gallery – looks similar to Featured image portfolio type, but instead of one image you can display here multiple images as a slider

How to add multiple images to Gallery in portfolio item?

Step by step

      1. In Portfolio settings choose Gallery for Show portfolio item as
      2. Click Set featured image or if you have it already Remove featured image
      3. Click on Upload files
        Upload gallery images

        Upload gallery images

      4. Choose from your computer all images (with SHIFT button) you want to display in gallery and click Open
        Choose your gallery images

        Choose your gallery images

      5. Select option Uploaded to this post to edit images order or captions:
        Uploaded to this post

        Uploaded to this post


  • Now you can easily change images’ order with drag and drop tool
    Change images order

    Change images order


  • Once your images are uploaded and ready to use click Set featured image to save gallery
  • Remember to click on Update once you finished editing your portfolio item
  • If you want remove images from gallery – you need to remove selected images from MEDIA library


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