How to remove or rename shortcode?

Our themes come with a set of custom shortcodes, which you can use to create your website content. However, according to individual needs you may want to replace one of our custom shortcodes or change it’s behaviour. You may also rename it’s name to avoid any name collisions with other plugins.

To remove custom shortcode from the theme, please follow the steps below.

Step by step

    1. Create a child theme.
    2. Find your shortcode location in theme > shortcodes > shortcodes-group-name.
    3. Create identical location theme > shortcodes > … > inside your child theme.
    4. Copy Shortcode file, that you want to edit – to directory in your child theme
    5. Find Shortcode name function in shortcode file:
    6. And change shortcode name, below you will find an example:
    7. Save file in your child theme directory.
    8. Please note that when shortcode name has changed, you need to update your content to use new name ie. [ct_video].

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