How to setup onepager menu?

Some of our websites have Onepager version (keep in mind that this won’t work on themes that are only Multipager websites) and with that there needs to be some configuration to how your single page will behave. Bellow is the explanation on how this concept works and how you should use it to sync the page with your menu navigation.

Step by step

  1. Create page with all the sections in your menu. Each section should begin with [chapter] … [/chapter] or [section] … [/section] shortcode or any other html element with unique id.
  2. In Appearance > Menus create new main menu (using “Custom Links” option), where URL will be section id with “/#” sign, for example : /#services or /#about. We recommend to set the URL scrolling to the top of the page as ‘#top’ – it will scroll to the very top of the page.
  3. In Appearance > Theme Options > General – Main – ‘Navigation bar type’ you can set “sticky” – menu will be always at the top of the screen – even when you scroll down.