Sources & Credits

The following sources and files have been used to build up this theme Twitter Bootstrap – jQuery –

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Twitter Feed

This is live twitter feed. This plugin will grab your latest tweets and display them on page. Configuration: – just edit twitter/config.php file :

Where can I get these keys, tokens, etc? Twitter API requires authentication to display tweets from your account. To twiiter feed work you need to create the ‘application’ and generate […]

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Contact form

Template comes with ready to use: Contact Form Newsletter Form All needed files are in /form directory. Remember to includeon page. To configure form just edit form/config.php and change e-mails to your own :

That’s it! Contact Form HTML Markup:

Newsletter Form HTML Markup:

Options (can be changed in HTML) : Mail […]

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Below you will find HTML markup for flexslider:

You can change number of flexslider parameters using javascript – learn more about parameters.

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All javascripts are placed in folder /js. In main.js file we implement all functions calls. This theme uses following Javascript files: Bootstrap v 3 framework (powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development) jQuery v1.10.2 (A fast javascript library that Foodtruckifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations.) jQuery FlexSlider v2.2.0 GMAP3 […]

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We use google font service to include fonts or font face sets. Ligh Font used: Open Sans Credits: Open Sans

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Progress Bars This theme has 2 types of layout and all you have to do is change one class. Also, everything is done via data attribute.

Stripped progress bar

aria-valuenow: Percentage this bar should have aria-valuemax: Max value aria-valuemin: Min value

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Media Sections

{Theme} supports media sections with Parallax, KenBurns effect and videos. Parallax Section

We are using stellar.js for the parallax effect. Check their documentation to check which attributes you can use in each parallax section. Our custom data-attributes for the parallax section are: data-height: Define the minimun height for the sections data-type: Type of […]

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