Adding Size Guide to other pages.

From version 3.5 of the WooCommerce Product Size Guide, available is an option to add the SG tables outside the Single product page. It can be achieved by using Shortcode provided by the plugin.

These shortcodes can be found in the WordPress Dashboard on path Size guides > All size guides

Size guides shortcodes

If the page is using WPBakery Builder the shortcode can be added as a text in Text Block Settings.


postid = 102 // Is the ID of the SG that will be used

button=true // This parameter allows to show the SG as a button (true) or will simply add the table to the page (false)

button_value =”” // When left empty the button will be named¬†Button/link label + SG title. The user also can separately set the text for each button by adding the text between ” “