The filter is rendered on ‘woocommerce_archive_description’ hook or ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’ which depends on the settings.

All plugins options may be adjusted with ‘ct_sorting_settings’ filter.

Adding images to product tags and shipping classes uses following wordpress hooks: ‘product_tag_add_form_fields’, ‘product_tag_edit_form_fields’, ‘product_shipping_class_add_form_fields’, ‘product_shipping_class_edit_form_fields’. Analogic hooks may be used for other taxonomies.

Thumbnail file size may be adjusted by following filters:

‘ct_sorting_radio_thumbnail_size’ – for radio images,

‘ct_sorting_checkbox_thumbnail_size’ – for checkbox images.

These filters can be used to change from ‘ct_sorting_size’ (50×50) to other predefined size.

To change the ‘ct_sorting_size’ dimentions, use the ‘ct_sorting_thumbnail_size’ filter.

For example the following code should change the ‘ct_sorting_size’ size to 100×100 px: