Available Sidebars

While widget areas typically occur in webpage sidebars, a theme can place widget areas in many places on a page. For example, besides the usual sidebar locations, the {Theme} theme has a widget area in the footer of every page.


The content of the sidebars will depend on what widgets are added to that said sidebar. You can add by dragging a widget inside the sidebar to which you want that widget to show.

Sample on adding widget to sidebar


To add a widget on other areas on the page other than the sidebars, you can use the Wigetised Sidebar element. Just set the type of sidebar you would like to show.


This is a list of sidebars available for {Theme}

  1. Primary Sidebar
  2. Page Sidebar
  3. Header left column
  4. Footer column 1
  5. Footer column 2
  6. Footer column 3
  7. Footer column 4
  8. Post Footer column 1
  9. Post Footer column 2
  10. Blog Sidebar 1
  11. Single sidebar 1
  12. Property Show Bottom
  13. Profile Show Top
  14. Property Listing Top
  15. Profile Listing Top
  16. WPL Hidden
  17. Property Listing Bottom
  18. Footer Widgets Area
  19. Max Mega Menu Widgets

These are sample images for the sidebars:

Header left column

Blog sidebar 1