Avaliable Templates

What are {Theme} Templates?

If you are not interested in downloading the whole content via Unyson demo import, but still want to use some of the pages from the demo you can use the VisualComposer Templates option.

How to use them?

  1. Create new page going to Pages > Add New 
    Add New Page

    Add New Page

  2. Go to Visual Composer Backend Editor and choose Templates option.
    Templates options

    Templates options

  3. Choose from My Template tab one of the templates you want to use and click add template
    Avaliable templates

    Avaliable templates

  4. The Template content will be added to the page. Now you can click Publish and it’s done! Or you can start editing content of your page.

Avaliables Types

  1. Contatc Us
  2. Home V1 – Portal slider
  3. Home V2 – Portal Map
  4. Home V3 – Portal Map (Light)
  5. Home V4 – Real Estate Agency
  6. Home V5 – Property Slider
  7. Home V6 – Simple Onepager
  8. Home V7 – Onepager Video
  9. Home V8 – Side Map
  10. Privacy Policy
  11. Terms and Conditions

Template avaliable via slug

a) Maintenance – can be used by creating empty page with maintance slug