Blogly Customizer

Most of theme customization is made from three panels in Theme Customizer:

Blog panel gathers everything post-related

Page panel deals with pages

Shop panel customizes various woocommerce aspects

Lets look at the BLOG section:

Motive colors:

Theres only two options here:

– “motive” changes the general feel of the theme

– “Parallax background color” does what its name implies – changes background color in parralax layout

Top Bar Section:

Top bar is the area Over or Under the Navigation bar. You can also disable it. Additionally You can change its image background and logo.

Nav bar section:

Nav bar settings are meant to controll navigation bar style. The options that are available here are:

– Menu location – either top or side

– Menu style – 3 different styles to choose from

– Logo and Background – used in sidebar menu

Blog Layout Section:

This is the core panel of it all, the options here are:

– Layout – 4 different layouts – grid, big, wide, parallax

– Pull layout – pulls layout up for that extra style(parallax excluded)

– advert frequency – choose how often adverts will appear (between the posts)

– number of columns – special control for grid layout – choose 1, 2 or 3 columns

– first post – style first post differently (for wide and grid)

– sidebar location – left, right or without

– additional pagination – if needed enable pagination on top of posts index

– link to grid layout

– link to big layout

– link to wide layout

– link to parallax layout

– link to layout with first post as wide

– link to additional pagination layout

Posts section

This panel controls various post elements:

– layout – change the layout of single post view – cover photo(audio/video) or standard

– sidebar location – sidebar visibility on single post view left,right or none

– more button – show/hide

– tags – show/hide

– title – show/hide

– date – show/hide

– author – show/hide

– index view – control length of posts in index view

– link to standard layout

– link to cover layout

Footer section:

Theres two options here to control footer layout:

– style – 2 to choose from

– layout – either one-two or 2 left one right

– link to one-two

– link to two-one

Page Layout Section:

This panel controls sidebar visibility on pages – left, right, none or both.

– link to right sidebar page

– link to left sidebar page

– link to both sidebar page

– link to no sidebar page

Shop Section:

Shop layout section:

This panel lets You choose to display standard woocommerce layout or use Blogly one ( shop and product layouts can be turned on independently)

– link to custom shop

– link to standard shop

– link to custom product

– link to standard product

Call to action Section:

This panel controls special banner that appears on woocommerce shop (if layout is set to custom).

– link to CTA shop

Badges section:

This panel controls special banner that shows under Top Content Shop in woocommerce shop.

– link to badge page

Theme is packed with additional sidebars for special uses:

Top Content appears under the navbar in posts index pages

Top Content Shop appears under the navbar in woo shop page

Top additional content pages appear under top content sidebar in posts index pages

Additional Nav Bar Content adds widget area to navbar

Additional Top bar left and right content adds widgetizied areas to top bar on both sides of the logo

Socials in your content adds socials in various places

Ads 1, 2 and 3 creates widgetizied areas for adverts between your posts

Additional widgets featured in BLOGLY:


Additional Plugins for BLOGLY:

– multiple post thumbnails

– wp user avatars

– ct custom types blogly