Javascript Components

JavaScript files:

  • Gmaps – google map plugin
  • Light Gallery – plugin for the gallery
  • Portfolio – istotpe and masonry plugins
  • Jquery Gray – Gray-scale plugin for the pictures
  • Jquery Pagescroller – plugin for the onepager section
  • DataTime Picker – this is plugin for the calendar
  • Skrollr – plugin for the media sections
  • Slick – this is the plugin for the slider
  • Booze.min.js –  One big file where are minifixed javascript files:
    1. jquery
    2. boostrap
    3. placeholder
    4. easing
    5. device.min.js
    6. jquery browser
    7. Snap min JS
    8. jquery appear
  • Main.js – The main javascript initializaions and other major snippets.


Google Map (GMAP3 Plugin)

This is google map with custom marker, you can define couple parameters:

  • data-location – address to show
  • data-height – map height (if undefined height will be 220px)
  • data-offset – by how many map should be repositioned from marker center point (default -30)

It uses gmap3 plugin.
Documentation: here


Booze map

Booze map

HTML Markup


This plugin call function when element appear in viewport. This is used in custom animation, progress bars, counter timer.