Product category settings

Since version 1.4 Catalog Mode gives you an option to enable or disable the plugin for every product category or subcategory. By default all categories will get global settings, defined via WooCommerce > Settings – Catalog Mode. However you can change this settings per product category or subcategory.

To enable or disable Catalog Mode per product category you need to navigate to Products > Catogories and choose the category, that you want to edit.
On the left hand side, below the category Description you will find Catalog Mode settings:

Product category settings

Product category settings

You can choose one of:

  • Use Global Settings – selected category will get settings from WooCoomerce > Settings – Catalog Mode;
  • Notice: if you are editing subcategory instead of Use Global Settings you can choose Use Parents Settings – subcategory will use the closest parents settings then.

  • Enable – Catalog Mode for products from selected category will be enabled;
  • Disable – Catalog Mode for products from selected cateogry will be disabled;


If a product has more than one category, and assigned categories has different Catalog Mode settings (for example 1 category has enabled category and second one has disabled Catalog Mode) – Catalog Mode will be enabled.