Converting content to VisualComposer

From version 5.0 and greater {theme} is compatible with Visual Composer Plugin.

As a new user of this theme you don’t need to convert the theme content – Foodtruck 1-click demo content will create the pages using VC shortcodes.

If you created your site some time ago this is how your Page shortcode looks like:

Old Foodtruck Shortcode

Old Foodtruck Shortcode

To convert old shortcodes to Visual composer shortcodes please go to Appearance > Theme Options > General – Visual Composer

WARNING: Before you start doing anything, create a backup copy of the file


VC converter

VC converter

Option no.1

As you can see on the image above you can choose to convert:

  1. post – check to convert all created post content
  2. page – check to convert all the page content
  3. product – check to convert all the WooCommerce plugin product content
  4. ct_size_guide – check to convert all the SizeGuide plugin item content
  5. view360 – check to convert all created View360 items content
  6. ct_product – check to convert content of the Menu items
  7. event – check to convert content of the Event items content
  8. faq – check to convert faq items content
  9. timeline – check to convert timeline items content

After checking all the types you want to convert hit the Click to convert selected. When the process is finished you can go back to your pages and start using Visual Composer to custom your pages 🙂

You don’t need to convert types of posts in which you didn’t add shortcode content.

Option no.2

Using this option you are able to convert pages or single shortcodes. You just need to:

  1. Copy the shortcodes from your post (make sure you don’t cut part of the shortcode)
  2. Paste the shortcode to the textarea of the converter
  3. Hit the Click to convert contents button.
  4. After you will have converted shortcodes you can copy and past the code.
    Visual Composer code

    Visual Composer code

  5.  Switch from Classic Mode to Backend Editor and Voilà! You are now using Visual Composer shortcodes. Now you can click Update to save the changes.
    VisualComposer Shortcode

    VisualComposer Shortcode

Remember that this option will be working for Foodtruck content only!

This conversion will not work for different themes shortcodes.