Creating Programs

To create new acitivity, navigate to Programs > Add New.

How to add new program?

How to add new program?

In every activity, you can define:

    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Activity Summary
    4. Socials – add usernames/nicks to social, that you want to display wih this testimonial
    5. Tags
    6. Categories
    7. Featured image

Remember to click Publish to save your testimonial or Update after every item modification.

Theme Options

In Appearance > Theme Options – Programs – Index you can set global options for all Activities index page:

    1. Programs index page
    2. Define label for More button
    3. Show or hide pagination
    4. Define number of displayed activities
    5. Define labels for meta options
    6. Programs navbar menu options:


In Appearance > Theme Options > Activities – Single you can set options for every Activity single page:

    1. Page title
    2. Show or hide breadcrumbs
    3. Show Tweet button
    4. Show Facebook Share button
    5. Show socials icons?
    6. Default tweet share message
    7. Image displayed on the page top and it’s position


Remember to always click Save Changes once you finished changes in Theme Options.