Creating Event Item

here you will find some useful information how to set an Event item on your own.

  • Step 1 – go to the Events in the Dashboard of your WordPress. There you’ll find several options that will help you create your events. Here are the most interesting ones:
    1. Events – you will be able to check out already existing events.
    2. Add New – here you will be able to create New Event.
    3. Tags
    4. Venues – will let you set the adresses of your events.
    Event options

    Event options

  • Step 2 – Choose Add New. This way you will start creating your own Events by filling up this several options like:
    1. Enter Title – set the title of the event.
    2. Editor area – here you can put some text according to the created event.
    3. The Event Calendar – here you can set needed information for users like time & date of the event, location and all the information you want.
      The Event Calendar

      The Event Calendar

    4. Event Options – choose one of the options for the event.