Creating Menu card Item

Before setting Menu card on your page you have to create items. In this few easy steps you will be able to create item without any problems!

  • Step 1 – Please go to the Restaurant  in the Dashboard of your WordPress.
  • Step 2 – Click Add New to create a new item.
    Creating new Menu item

    Creating new Menu item

  • Step 3 – Create the content of your product. To do That you will need to set:
    1. Title of the product.
    2. Main content – you can put there all the information about the products you want.
    3. Price – set the price of the product.
    4. Menu categories – you can choose from what you’ve already created or make a new one by clicking on Add new menu Category or by going to Restaurant > Categories and create whatever categories you need.
    Creating Menu item

    Creating Menu item

When you work is done alway remember to make sure that you save all the changes.