Javascript and CSS

USED CSS stylesheets:

  • style.css – main Exico theme stylesheet,
  • bootstrap.min.css – bootstrap styles.

If you would like to use FontAwesome for icons – you need to attach it separately with the following code:

Main style – make sure it’s included in head section when you clicking on Edit HTML


Used Javascripts:

  • main.js – main javascript file,
  • bootstrap.min.js – responsible for website responsiveness,
  • device.min.js – required for mobile menu,
  • jquery.browser.min.js – support for old IE browsers,
  • snap.min.js – required for mobile menu
  • jquery.appear.js – required for animations,
  • init_mediasection.js – responsible for parallax effect,
  • jquery.stellar.min.js – responsible for parallax effect,
  • jquery.magnific-popup.min.js – used for magnific lightbox,
  • init_magnific.js –  used for magnific lightbox,
  • jquery.isotope.min.js – required for masonry effect,
  • imagesloaded.js – required for masonry effect,
  • infinitescroll.min.js – required for masonry effect,
  • init.js – required for masonry effect,

Required script – make sure that this code is always included after last attached script:



Contact form

The contact form was made using on-line contact form builder. The documentation is here:

Disqus for tumblr – comments for each posts are displayed with: