HTML Structure

This theme is built upon bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. It adapts to window resolution and looks good on all devices including iPad and iPhone.See for yourself (resize your browser).If you would like to read more about bootstrap framework click here: Bootstrap Documentation.

1.1. Grid System and Single row structure

The default Bootstrap grid system utilizes 12 columns. It’s responsive grid and adapts to viewport. Below 767px viewports, the columns become fluid and stack vertically. The fluid grid system uses percents instead of pixels for column widths. Each row always include 12 columns (for example col-md-8 + col-md-4 = col-md-12).
Bootstrap documentation: here
Basic grid HTML:

1.2. Page structure

Below you will find default page structure (default.hbs files):

The most important pages in ghost are home.hbs and index.hbs. The pages are almost the same. Below you can see how looks like the structure of those pages:

This is index.hbs page. Here you can set the four types of blog and the effect for second,3,4..n pages of blog.

Author page in ghost is the page has information about the author, locatiom, posts… Below you can see the structure of the page: