Page Header

Page header

Page header

In  {Theme} page header section you can custom your site by all the avaliables options like:

  1. Display page header – let show page header on all of the pages
  2. Display page header in main page (avaliable only when Display page header is checked)
  3. Display breadcrumbs  (avaliable only when Display page header is checked)
  4. Head section type – you will be able to choose from:
    • Static
    • Parralax
    • Video
    • Kenburns
  5. Mobile background image
  6. Background image
  7. Second background image
  8. Third background image
  9. Head height
  10. Parallax ratio
  11. Video url
  12. Video file type

This customize option will let you set global options for the header of your site pages taht can be accessed from Pages button. They will only work when in pages the Header Options section will be set to Head settings: Use global customizer settings. Also you can set header options for each of the pages by the Head settings instead.

Header options settings for page

Header options settings for single page