Javascript scripts and structure

JavaScript files:

  • /plugins/ct-charts/ – Files needed for initialising the charts animation on pages
  • /plugins/ct-counters/ – Files needed for initialising the animation number after pages loaded.
  • /plugins/ct-datepicker/ – The script allows you to generate your calendar. In addition, the event can be created.
  • /plugins/ct-mainMenu/ – Animated/fixed navbars. Plugin needed for detecting scrollbar and attaching animations for menu.
  • /plugins/ct-mediaSection/ – Media sections where we can add parralax, kenburns or video to the section. Dynamical content of medias.
  • /plugins/ct-onepager/ – Plugin for onepager only. It helps with navigation. Manages sections.
  • /plugins/ct-portfolio/ – Plugin which manages the isotope-based gallery.
  • /plugins/ct-progressbars/ – It’s file which helps us for setting elements on progressbars (times, speed, delay, text)
  • /plugins/ct-progressicons/ – It’s file which helps us for setting elements on progressicons
  • /plugins/ct-select2/ – Plugin which creates select box for select tag in the page. It generates html code via javascript so that each browser can have the same select box.
  • /plugins/gmaps/ – Plugin needed for displaying google map on the page.
  • /plugins/grayScale-jQuery/ – This plugin allows you to obtain color “black & white” on any elements even under internet explorer. IE8 Support.
  • /plugins/magnificPopup/ – Needed for galleries and their popups images where we can review them with slides via arrows.
  • /plugins/owl/ – Files which initialize sliders in the page.
  • /main.js/ – The main javascript initializaions and other major snippets.
  • /externals.js/ – One big file where are minifixed javascript files: 1.jquery 2.boostrap 3.placeholder 4. easing 5. device.min.js 6. jquery browser 7.Snap min JS 8. jquery appear



Google Map (GMAP3 Plugin)

This is google map with custom marker, you can define couple parameters:

  • data-location – address to show
  • data-height – map height (if undefined height will be 220px)
  • data-offset – by how many map should be repositioned from marker center point (default -30)

It uses gmap3 plugin.
Documentation: here
HTML Markup:

All javascript code can be found in js/main.js file.


This plugin call function when element appear in viewport. This is used in custom animation, progress bars, counter timer.


This plugin is used to make graphics.