Article - type 2

Article – type 1

HTML markup:

Article - type 2

Article – type 2

CSS classes:

ct-articleBox: Base class for article.
ct-articleBox-media: Images,videos or other media that can be used in article.
ct-articleBox-description: Description of an article.

ct-link: number of comments displayed in bubble speech.
ct-tag: Tag for announcments, like “brand new”.

ct-u-paddingTop20: adds 20px padding on top.
ct-u-paddingTop30: adds 30px padding on top.

media, media-left, media-heading, media-object ,media-body – Bootstrap classes for creating media.

ct-articleBox-info: article info box wrapper that contain such information like date,price or is simply a button.
info-1: ‘ct-articleBox-info‘ subclass.
info-2: ‘ct-articleBox-info‘ subclass.

An article may be a part of a gallery:

ct-galleryBox: wrapper for gallery media.
ct-galleryBox-image: wrapper for gallery image.
ct-js-magnificPopupImage: Indicates that light box is in use. (Magnific pop-up)

btn: button class.
btn-link: button link style.
ct-btn–transparent: adds transparency to button.