Available parameters

Once scripts are attached – plugin is installed, so you can attach your HTML code with your own classes or use defaults.
The default product markup looks like the following:

You will need to add a <div/> which will be used by the plugin as a cart. The default is:


Remember to change default PayPal settings to the one matching your own. Below you will find a list of all available settings. You can defined them with the following markup:



 cart “ct-cart” string Cart Class Name
 product “ct-product” string Product Class Name
 product_title “ct-product-title” string Product Title Class Name
 product_price “ct-product-price” string Product Price Class Name
 product_button “ct-btn” string Add to Cart Button Class Name
 currency “$” string Currency
 currency_after_number “false” boolean Enable/Disable showing currency after price value
 permanent_cart_buttons “false” boolean Enable/Disable Permanent Checkout/Clear buttons in Cart
 permanent_total_value “false” boolean Enable/Disable Permanent Total Value in Cart
 animation ” “ string Add Cart Item Animation
 empty_disable false boolean Enable/Disable “Cart is empty” text
 empty_text “The Cart is Empty” string Change text visible when cart is empty
 product_image “ct-product-image” string Product Image Class Name
 product_wishlist “ct-wishlist” string Wishlist Class Name
 promo_codes “true” boolean Enable/Disable Promo Code Field
 shipping_options “true” boolean Enable/Disable Shipping Rates Dropdown Menu (paypal shipping need to be disabled to use this option)
 small_cart “ct-small-cart” string Adding custom class for small cart
 display_small_cart “false” boolean Enable/Disable small cart on the site
 display_name (small_cart_option) “Cart:” string Visible as the name of small cart on the site
 items_name (small_cart_option) “item(s)” string Visible as the name identifies items
 wishlist (small_cart_option) “false” boolean Enable/Disable wishlist in cart
scroll (small_cart_option) “false” boolean Enable/Disable scroll in small cart (requires jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.css and jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.js)
scroll_style (small_cart_option) “dark” string Set scroll style depending on the selected name from HERE
scroll_height (small_cart_option) “400” string Set height of the cart (avaliable when scroll is set to “true”)
(new) promo_amount “0” string The discount will be added only if the value of the cart will be greater than the one set for this variable
(new) promo_tooltips “true” boolean Enable/Disable tooltip for the promo code
(new) promo_tooltips_time “2000” numbers Time in which the tooltip will be display
(new) promo_tooltips_animation “false” boolean Enable/Disable animation for the tooltip
(new) promo_tooltips_text “Your savings” string Text that will be visible for the tooltip
(new) promo_tooltips_date “12-30-2018” mm/dd/yy Set expiration date for the discount code
(new) promo_tooltips_position “top” string Avaliable tooltip position:
–  “top” – Tooltip on top
–  “bottom” – Tooltip on botto
–  “left” – Tooltip on left
–  “right” – Tooltip on right
–  “auto” – The browser will decide the position of the tooltip


 business  ” “  string Your PayPal ID or an email address associated with your PayPal account. Email addresses must be confirmed.
 currency_code  “USD”  string The currency of the payment.
 lc  “EN” string The locale of the login or sign-up page, which may have the specific country”s language available, depending on localization.
 cpp_cart_border_color  ” “ 6 single-byte hexadecimal characters The HTML hex code for your principal identifying color. PayPal blends your color to white in a gradient fill that borders the cart review area of the PayPal checkout user interface.
cpp_payflow_color  ” “ 6 single-byte hexadecimal characters The background color for the checkout page below the header.
 no_note  “0” 0/1 Do not prompt buyers to include a note with their payments. (1 – hide the text box and the prompt)
 no_shipping  “0” 0/1/2 Do not prompt buyers for a shipping address. Allowable values are: (0 – prompt for an address, but do not require one; 1 – do not prompt for an address; 2 – prompt for an address, and require one)
 return  ” “ url The URL to which PayPal redirects buyers” browser after they complete their payments.
 cancel_return  ” “ url A URL to which PayPal redirects the buyers” browsers if they cancel checkout before completing their payments.


init function fires after first initialization
before_add_to_cart function fires before append to cart happen
after_add_to_cart function fires after append to cart happen
remove_item_from_cart function fires after click a remove button in cart
before_checkout function fires before redirecting to paypal
after_clear_cart function fires after clearing the cart
after_value_changes function fires when total value changes
before_add_to_wishlist function fires before append to wishlist happen
after_add_to_wishlist function fires after append to wishlist happen
remove_item_from_wishlist function fires after remove button in wishlist