Examples of usage

Below you will find examples of usage for each social media type. You can just copy and paste code snippets from the examples below to your website and update the settings.


One social, facebook

How it looks?

One social, twitter

How it looks?

One social, instagram

One social, pinterest


One social, vkontakte


Multiple socials with some order
To order socials you have to pu them in order in available option. If you want to make enabled social on the start you need add into that property the social value.

Activate whichever social you want on the start.
The only what you need to do is specify in enabled the correct social you wan t to display.

Sticked socials

If you want to have sticked social on the right or on the left side on your site you simply have to add corresponding class to the thml.

Social right looks like:

After hover:

Social left looks like:

After hover: