Theme Flavours

As you can see on our Demo page {Theme} comes with {variations}.

{parent-theme} is a main theme, which always needs to be installed if you want your website to work correctly. Styles such as {child-theme-1} and {child-theme-2} are child themes, which can be installed additionally (once {parent-theme} is installed) if you want to use {child-theme-1} or {child-theme-2} style on your website.

Child Theme installation is analogous process to Main Theme installation. Every child theme has its own zip package with installation files, which you will find in downloaded package.


You downloaded .zip package with theme files from ThemeForest and want to use on you website {child-theme-2} version of {Theme}.

  • STEP 1: Unarchive downloaded package from ThemeForest
  • STEP 2: Install {theme}.zip file via Administration Panel or FTP
  • STEP 3: install {child-theme-2}.zip package via Administration Panel or FTP
  • STEP 4: go to Appearance > Themes and activate  {child-theme-2}
  • STEP 5: Import demo content for {child-theme-2} Theme

And it’s ready to customize! In analogous way you can install every child theme.