Listing Manager

In the Listing Manager, you can Edit, Publish, Delete Temporarily, Restore, and Delete Permanently a Property Listing.

  1. Edit

    To edit Listing Information, follow the steps:

    Step 1 – Navigate to WPL > Listing Manager in your WordPress Dashboard. The page Property Manager will show.

    Step 2 – Choose the Property Listing that you would like to change the information and click the Edit button. 

    Step 3 – The Add/Edit Property page will show. You can Edit the information that you want to change. After changing all the information, click Finalize to save. 


  2. Published

    The Published button is to change a status of a listing from Unpublished to Published.

  3. Trash

    The Trash button can change a listings status to Unpublished and store it in a Recycle Bin like state where you have the option to Restore the said listing.

  4. Purge

    The Purge button can delete the listing permanently.