Pages Options

In Pages panel you are able to edit the following options:

    1. General pages options:
      • Show/Hide Title row on pages
      • Show/Hide Title text on pages
      • Show/Hide comments,
      • Show/Hide comment form
    2. Pages options

      Pages options

    3. Header settings:
      • Select default header type – you can choose between: Parallax header, Video, Kenburs or Slider
      • Header Image – define background image if you selected Parallax header above
      • Gallery for Kenburns Header – select gallery of images if you want to use header with kenburns effect
      • Gallery for Slider Header – select gallery of images if you want to display images sliders in header
      • Video source – If video header is enabled, then you can display video as background
      • Video type – select video source type
      • Parallax ratio
      • Header background color
      • Title text paddings
      • Header paddings
      • Header margins
      • Header height – you can set custom height of header (in px or %)
    Pages header options

    Pages header options

    Notice: – settings above are by default applied for all your pages. Though you can also customize them for each page separately with Header and Navbar settings – you will see this option during page content edition.

    Header and navbar settings

    Header and navbar settings