Max Mega Menu

Enabling Max Mega Menu for Theme Location

{Theme} navigation menu can be built with Max Mega Menu plugin, which allows you to create expanded Mega Menu.

Once plugin is activated, you can go to the Appearance > Menus > Create a New Menu or used one created before.

On the left hand you should see a Max Mega Menu Settings box like the one below. Check the “Enable” checkbox and choose from the Theme option  “{MegaMenu_Style}” and click Save, your menu will now be converted into a Mega Menu for the relevant Theme Location and will be using style dedicated for {Theme}

(WARNING:The image below is only an example of the options used for Max Mega Menu. Depending on the theme, they can be different.)


Max Mega menu Settings

Max Mega menu Settings

The basic setup for Max Mega Menu has been completed!!

If you are looking for more information about using Max Mega Menu plugin please go to the official Max Mega Menu Documentation site.