Creating menu products

Follow the steps below to create a Menu Product items

    • Step 1 – navigate to Menu in your WordPress admin.
      Add new menu product

      Add new menu product

    • Step 2 – click on Add New to make a new product. Create a title and insert your description.
    • Step 3 – add image via Featured Image
    • Step 4 – set product price, currency and postscript in Menu item setting
      Menu item settings

      Menu item settings

    • Step 5 – add menu categories, tags and order (optional) – on the right hand side of Menu edition page.
    • Step 6 – click Publish to save you settings

For every menu item you can define:

1. Product Tags
2. Product Categories
3. Price
4. Currency
5. Postscript – a small text below product description (e.g. *contains nuts)
6. Featured image
7. Product thumbnail image – Multiple Featured Images plugin must be activated

Menu item options

Menu item options

Learn more:

      Menu currency can be also edited globally for all Menu items via

Appearance > Theme Options > Menu