Subscription list

Subscription list

Subscription list

Subscription List is a database divided on subscribers notified and not notified about products out of stock and items mostly added to Waitlist. Displays:

  • subscriber mail,
  • product featured image,
  • product name,
  • group name,
  • variation name,
  • category name,
  • product type (variable, simple or grouped)
  • date, when it was added to waitlist.

Notified subscribers list shows also notify date (then user is notified about product back in stock) and item bought date (if user has bought subscribed item).
Most Waitlisted displays 20 items mostly added to waitlist with subsctiptions count for specific item.


You can sort data by:

  • subscriber,
  • product,
  • group,
  • variation,
  • date.

Available actions:

  • delete or export checked elements,
  • export to .csv file.