Siver Customize

{Theme} comes with an advanced customizer, which allows to edit most of the theme elements in one place. If you want to use it, navigate to Appearance > Customize



It will display a panel with tabs corresponding to all theme sections, such as:

  • Navigation
  • Blog
  • Single blog post
  • Shop
  • Portfolio
  • Footer
  • Widgets

You will also find the main style settings:

  • General
  • Page Head
  • Header Image


General settings

General settings

This style setting customize option will let you to:

  1. Choose the motive and accent motive color for your theme
    motive and accent motive color

    motive and accent motive color

  2. Check onepager option if you want to have onepager site (more info about onepager site HERE)
  3. You can choose if you want to use a preloader  and what Image will be visible when the page will be loading.
    Loading example

    Loading example

Header Image

In Header Image section you can edit logo on the site

Header image settings

Header image settings


All changes made with customizer will only be applied when you click on