Theme Translator

Each of our Themes could be translated by using translation editor like: Poedit.

To translate the theme, it will need a POT (Portable Object Template) file to work.

POT is generated from theme files and contain all phrases from the theme that can be translated to a different language.

*In Estato WP the file is called estato-theme.pot and the path to it is estato > language instead.




The translation editor will create PO (Portable Object) and MO (Machine Object) file from the theme POT file. The only file we are able to edit is the PO file.

In the PO file, we are saving both English and the translations for this phrases. All translations you created are added there. Saving the changes there will also update the MO file that is used by the theme.


How to translate theme using Poedit 

    • Copy the estato_theme.pot file from /wp-content/themes/estato-theme/language/. Paste it on the desktop of your computer.
    • Using the Poedit application, open the PO file that is on the desktop.


    • The PO file will be opened by Poedit application. Click on the “Create new translation” button to start creating your translation.


    • You will be ask what language to translate the file into, choose the language as to what you need.
    • You will see at the Poedit application that at the left side are the Source Text (English words) and at the right side are the Translations.
    • When you click on a word from the source text, at the very right side you will see Translation Suggestions for the word that was clicked.
    • Click on the best of the suggested translations of the word. The suggested translation will show at the Translations side.


    • Click on a word from the source text one by one and translate.
    • Once done translating the words on the Source text, save the file.
    • When saving a file, “ct_theme-” should be added to the default file name.

    • Once saved, it will create a PO and MO file.
    • Copy the PO and MO file to the WordPress language directory located at /wp-content/languages/themes/.


    • In your WP, activate estato theme. Once activated, navigate your dashboard to Settings > General.
    • You will see the General Settings of your site. To activate the translation, look for the Site Language and select the one that you like.


  • After selecting the site language, click the Save Changes button and a loading icon will show. Once the loading icon disappear, the translation should be done.

For more information on how to translate a theme using Poedit, click this link.