Theme Options

1. After installing the theme you are able to add a text description to the options. Now the text fields are empty. To change it, please scroll down on the tumblr theme page and fill the following fields:

-Background Description

-Number of Columns

-Theme Description


-Blog username

-Blog username Website

Theme options

Theme options

2. The text in the fields will be displaying on the different parts of the theme. Above is the example how should looks like the fields.

*For example Background Description – is the text that you want to see on the Slider.

*Number of Columns is the variable reponsible for the columns in Masonry Blog.

*Disqus – this is a comments system. If you registered before into this system, you should have your own disqus short name. This information you can put it here if you want to work it.



*Theme Description – this description will be in the footer on the bottom part of the page.

*Blog Username and *Blog Username Website are the additional fields.

3. In the top of the administrative panel in tumblr you have an option like Avatar. Click on the option and choose the author image that you want to see on the page. It should be small picture with the image of author’s blog.

4. The most important thing is to set the how many posts should be displayed on the page. For do this, please go the the Advanced Options on the bottom of the page and set the Posts per page for 6. For now you have 6 posts on every page. You can change it. How many posts should be displayed is depending from You.

Number of posts per page

Number of posts per page

5. The options Open links in new window should be disabled.

6. In Theme options in the edit theme panel you have options like Logo. If you do not want to have logo like in our theme please choose the another logo.

7. Nonus Tumblr Theme has a following lists of components / options that you can use. The lists of available options is on the picture:

Available options

Available options

8. We have options to change the type of the blog: Masonry and Default. Also we have options to blog header, to show the slider on the main page and to show the background on the main page. You can modify all of the options if you want. If you want to change something please do it and then clik Update nad Save button.

9. If you did everything you can do the last thing. You have to enable options in your tumblr theme to allow the customers to send you a messages. Like you see on the top of the page is the options:

'Ask me' section

‘Ask me’ section

To activate this options, please go to the your main Tumblr Dashboard, Edit appearance and choose Let people ask questions and then Allow anonymous questions.

Allow questions

Allow questions