Woocommerce hooks used in the plugin:
for video locations: 
– tab: woocommerce_product_tabs
– image gallery: woocommerce_before_single_product
– popup button: woocommerce_before_single_product
for button locations:
– After ‘Add to cart’ button: woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button
– After product info: woocommerce_short_description
– Under the product gallery: woocommerce_product_thumbnails
– Above the product summary tabs: woocommerce_single_product_summary
Notice: All hooks above have priority set to 100 by default, but you can change them adjusting the ‘Location priority‘ setting)

for the video on top of the product list:
woocommerce_before_shop_loopwith priority set to 1

Available display filters:
ct_woovideo_video_styles – handles video css styles
ct_woovideo_display_video – handles the whole video container display
ct_woovideo_button_styles – handles button css styles
ct_woovideo_display_button – handles the whole button display
ct_woovideo_icon_styles – handles icon css styles
ct_woovideo_gallery_videos – adds some custom classes to container that holds videos added to the image gallery

Settings page filters:
wc_ct_woovideo_video_settings – video default settings page
wc_ct_woovideo_button_settings – button default settings page
wc_ct_woovideo_list_video_settings – ‘Add video to product list’ settings page

Edit Productpage actions and filters:
ct_woovideo_attributes – filter to handle list of video metadata
ct_woovideo_admin_panel_metabox – action on top of each video section
ct_woovideo_after_video_attributes – action at the end of each video section, enables adding some options to the form
ct_woovideo_video_save_atts – filter to handle list of vide metadata before saving
ct_woovideo_video_save – action to add some code before saving every video
ct_woovideo_before_save – action to add some code before saving all videos
ct_woovideo_bulk_edit_actions – action to add some bulk options