Javascript Components

JavaScript files:

  • /charts/ – script for canvas charts animating
  • /counters/ – Files needed for initialising the animation number after loading pages.
  • /ct-mediaSection/ – Media sections where we can add parralax, kenburns or video to the section. Dynamical content of medias.
  • /datetime-picker/ -Scripts for choosing the date from small calendar and attaching it to the input form.
  • /gmaps/ – Plugin needed for displaying google map on the page.
  • /headroom/ – Animated/fixed navbars. Plugin needed for detecting scrollbar and attaching animations for menu.
  • /magnificpopup/ – Needed for galleries and their popups images where we can review them with slides via arrows.
  • /onepager/ – scripts for onepager.html only
  • /portfolio/ – scripts for gallery isotope
  • /progressbars/ – files needed for initialising the animation bars after loading pages
  • /progressicons/ – files needed for initialising the animation icons after loading pages
  • /selectize/ – Plugin which creates select box for select tag in the page. It generates html code via javascript so that each browser can have the same select box.
  • /slick/ – Files which initialize sliders in the page.
  • /external.js/ – One big file where are minifixed javascript files:_ 1.jquery 2.boostrap 3.placeholder 4. easing 5. device.min.js 6. jquery browser 7.Snap min JS 8. jquery appear_
  • /main.js/ – The main javascript initializaions and other major snippets.


Google Map (GMAP3 Plugin)

This is google map with custom marker, you can define couple parameters:

  • data-location – address to show
  • data-height – map height (if undefined height will be 220px)
  • data-offset – by how many map should be repositioned from marker center point (default -30)

It uses gmap3 plugin.
Documentation: here
HTML Markup:

All javascript code can be found in js/main.js file.


This plugin call function when element appear in viewport. This is used in custom animation, progress bars, counter timer.


This plugin is used to make graphics.