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After activating GDPR plugin some cookies aren't block

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NOTE: Not all active cookies should be blocked automatically after activating GDPR plugin, admin should:
  1. First, run Cookie Scanner (Ultimate GDPR > Cookies Settings > Detect cookies)
  2. All detected cookies will be saved in Service Manager list.
  3. If some of them won't be automatically blocked using "Block All" option in cookies settings it means that you need to add additional settings in Service Manager for that cookie.

    For 3rd party services' cookies you will need to define Service names and Script names, which can be find by checking the website code.
    For example:
    Google Analytics using Google Tag manager:

    To find a script to block, view page source, search for ‘<script>’, eg:

    <script async="" src=""></script>

    then copy:

  4. If you want to block a specific cookie, please view our documentation here:

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