All of our items comes with free support. Free support is limited to questions regarding the themes features or problems. We provide premium support for code customisation or third-party plugins.

For issues and concern, you can reach us through these support methods:


  • E-mail –
  • Help Desk Click here to go to our support website. Just click on the Submit Ticket button and follow instructions to create a ticket.
  • Forum Comment/Post on the product you have issues/queries in ThemeForest or CodeCanyon websites.


    Before You Post on a Forum

    We urge you to follow the steps below, before you post a new topic on the forum, to speed up your request. It’s in everyones interest and will benefit in making the entire forum more efficient:

    • Step 1 – Always check the Documentation and the Knowledgebase Section. Most questions are already answered in those areas.
    • Step 2 – If your question hasn’t been brought up on the forum, please post a new topic. Always be as specific as possible. Creating a topic requires entering the live URL to your home page or page that shows the issue in question. It also has bars for WP and FTP login info, which aren’t required, however, providing us with your login information can save a lot of time for both of us. Login credentials are securely stored and accessible only by our support staff.
    • Step 3 – We usually answer questions in 24 hours on working days. However, if you don’t get any answer within 72 hours bump up your question or send us an e-mail.


For all support methods, you will receive confirmations and replies on your queries through e-mail or by tracking your ticket which you will also get through e-mail. To track your ticket, please click here.


Once we reply to your query, each ticket will be open for 7 days without a reply from you. On the 6th day without a reply, an e-mail will be sent to notify you of the ticket’s inactivity. To make the ticket active again, you simply need to reply or follow the steps in the e-mail. If you won’t make the ticket active within 7 days, on the 8th day the ticket will automatically be closed.


Our support hours10:00 AM – 6:00 PM UTC +1 on Monday to Friday.